Thursday, July 22, 2004

One project done!

Well, I just got one pair of armwarmers finished for my sister. Maybe if I ask nice I can get a picture of her modelling them tomorrow. They turned out pretty darn well for my first project on double-pointed needles. I'm gonna knit a pair for Erin, too... and maybe some for me, when I get around to it. Good thing they don't take too long.

Went to see I, Robot today. It was a pretty good movie, and apparently based on a sci-fi novel that I have yet to read. My dad was telling me about it, though. Maybe if he can find his copy I'll borrow it? Anyway, go see it. Not gory or creepy or anything, just a good sci-fi/action thing.

It's late, and I want to be in bed now, so that's all for tonight.

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