Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Waiting for the rain

[Listening to: The Doors, "Break on Through"]

Whee! I've finally got money! Money for buying things and going out! I went to Panera for dinner tonight, and it was good. Erin: Sorry I didn't get your comment 'til late tonight. But lemme know when you get home from work tomorrow (do you work tomorrow?), cuz I'd love to get out and do something.

Also, I bought more yarn, this time some cotton in varegated blue, green, and white. I'd like to make a shawl and I'm trying to make up a pattern, but it's a little harder than I thought. I'll work on it some more.

Storms coming tonight, maybe. I might not get much sleep if they stay as strong as they look right now. Heh, maybe that means I should go to sleep early.... nah. Surely not.

Our air conditioner went out for a few hours this evening, due to a busted fuse. It has since been repaired, but it's taking a while for it to catch up. Hot day here in Minnesota, hot and humid, around 90 degrees if I remember correctly, and around 90% humidity. Bleck. Gimme a cool autumn breeze any day.

A final question: is poetry something that just comes to you, or is it something that you can consciously create? Can you "make" yourself write a poem?

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