Friday, November 26, 2004

Zen knitting: Knit om, purl two

Just finished reading The Knitting Sutra. I am thoroughly impressed, and greatly inspired. Almost as soon as I learned how to knit this summer, I began to value it as a meditative practice as well as an artistic and creative endeavor. I see shades of the author in myself; I'm still a seeker, looking for a fulfilling spiritual path. Catholicism doesn't really do it for me. I've looked into other forms of religion (Quaker, Buddhist, even Wicca), but I've yet to find something that clicks with me. Maybe it's just general young adult dissatisfaction; who knows where I'll end up? I think that's what drew me to study philosophy in the first place. I'm just looking for my little grain of truth, like everyone else.

A fitting quote: Having abandoned my search for the truth, I am now in the market for a good fantasy.

By the way... I saw an ad for the new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie today. It's coming out on May 6th, just in time for my birthday. :) So... who wants to go with me? I'll buy you popcorn!

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