Friday, November 26, 2004

The day after Thanksgiving

My hair's shortish now. Not real short, but shorter than it was. With layers! But I sorta don't like the whole styling thing they do when I go to the salon... they like to curl my hair out so I've got this 1950's/60's poodle-skirt girl look going. I kinda look like my mom's graduation picture, actually, which is never a good thing. :) Also, the amount of hairspray they have to use to make my hair stay like that makes my neck itch. Seriously... I was born with straight hair. I like it that way. Leaveitalone!

Just got back from seeing National Treasure. Cute movie, lots of plausibility issues, but still good. Makes me feel better about stories I write where the things that happen are VERY unlikely... I can just say, "Well, Hollywood does it..." Also... Knights Templar=sorta pretty nifty. Hidden treasures and stuff... whee!

I'm fighting a headache and general tiredness. Time for a Coke, maybe more food (no, God no!), more family time/knitting/reading/whatever it is that I do around here.

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