Monday, December 06, 2004

Busy as a bumblebee

I'm headed out to Country Kitchen in a bit to go study Asian Philosophy with a friend. So I'm gone yet again tonight. I don't think I ever stay home anymore. I haven't spent a night in since... uh... last Sunday? And you know what? I don't miss it a bit. I love being out with friends, playing or studying or watching movies or whatnot. Ah, college... And I've got plans for most nights this week, too. Tomorrow: night class, then knitting club; Wednesday: Meetings and Harry Potter Movie Marathon; Thursday: Invader Zim Night; Friday: Uh... well, I'll come up with something. Most likely hanging out with the guys/girls while they're gaming.

And I think I'll even get some sleep somewhere in there, too. Ya know... life isn't too bad. Anyway, got some errands to attend to before I head out. Adieu.

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