Monday, December 06, 2004

Hurts to move

Yup, I'm still in pain... my neck hurts, my sides hurt, and my back hurts... I sorta wish I had someone around to give me a backrub or something, but barring that, I think I'll have to settle for a hot shower and a good night's sleep. After finishing my homework. At least tomorrow should be easy, after the Asian Philosophy test.

Studying went well. Also, I met yet another knitter, who also happens to make these nifty little knitting patches for sewing on things... she gave me her phone number.

Hm... looks like I'll be doing more work... Grubbs just came in with stuff for me to edit. Should be a quick job, tho. I'll do it, return the writing to him, then run and get a shower, finish my homework, and go to bed... all this before 1 or 2 AM, hopefully. I can do it. But I better get started. So... bye.

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