Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I rule Asia!

Okay, maybe not. But we had a lot of fun playing Risk tonight.

And yeah, I did end up not working... at the last minute... cuz I called someone to work for me. It's part of my new plan for life, which goes something like this:

1) Stop making myself miserable over things I can't change.
2) If something I CAN change is making me miserable, change it.

I knew that if I had to work tonight, I would feel terrible all night because I wasn't with my friends, and especially my one friend who is leaving the school, since this was his last night here. So I called around and got a replacement. And tonight, I was happy and I feel good now. So I think I did something right, even if I did sorta flake out on working.

I do work tomorrow night (closing, which I hate). But that's okay. I'll get to start on whatever homework gets assigned in class tomorrow. Mmm... Shakespeare...

In other news... apparently, we're not getting that new house after all. Dad went to check it out and the construction isn't as sound as he'd like, so they're not going to make an offer. C'est la vie.

Also, I cleaned my room this afternoon and packed away a good portion of my book collection because I don't have enough shelf space for it. Also, I sorted all my yarn and packed it away in plastic bins (yes, plural... I've got two, plus a huge hatbox I got at Christmas for various notions and fabric remnants).

Now... time to take a shower and go to bed. Adieu.

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