Thursday, January 13, 2005

If I'm gonna be stuck here, I might as well keep it nice...

I am becoming nearly fanatical about keeping my desk space and bookshelves uncluttered. I don't care about the rest of my room; frankly, I barely see it. But I need my writing area and my books to be organized. Right now, all that's on my desk is a computer disk and the ever-growing stack of homework that has to be done. I figure that if I keep the books and such physically present on my desk, it will encourage/force me to get it done early if for no other reason than to have a clean desk again.

Speaking of homework.. here's what I've gotta get done:

For Friday:
-Read A Midsummer Night's Dream (I got through the introduction, the first act, and the beginning of the second already)
-Read Acts I and II of Moliere's Tartuffe

For Tuesday:
-Look up poetry by Mary Oliver and bring one poem to share with the class
-Find a poem from a book called Waiting for My Life by Linda Pastan to share with the class.
-Do one of the writing exercises in the first section of the book and bring a poem to class.
-Find a new vocabulary word to bring for Advanced Writing
-Look at the Figures of Speech book to decide which chapter I want to help present
-Read the two introductions for American Literature II

For Wednesday:
-Do the three assigned writing exercises (each of which is at least a page, and one of which will be a few pages at least)

As Erin said: Shackle me to the literature!

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