Saturday, January 22, 2005

My kingdom for a keychain!

There is a dearth of decent keychain purveyors in this town. As my original keychain has been giving me problems for sometime now (it's got one of those ball chain things, which keeps popping open and letting my keys run free), I decided a couple weeks ago that I needed a new keychain. I finally broke down and went into Claire's today to get one. They had few which met my requirements (not pink, not cutesy, durable). I almost got a little foam rubber squooshy die, which Grubbs probably would have thought was cute, but it did not meet the first or third criteria. So I ended up getting one of those too-familiar plastic rectangles with a little picture/saying thing inside. Mine says "I knew I was a nut when the squirrels started to stare at me". Not perfect, but not too bad. Now, to pry apart the damned ring and put my keys on the thing. This is my least favorite part.

***time passes***

Success! I usually break a nail doing that, but not this time. Yay for me!

Time for a snack.

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