Saturday, January 29, 2005

My parents bought a house!

So yeah, we're definitely moving. It's in Grand Rapids. Which means it's a little more than an hour from Bemidji. This is a good distance.

It's got a red living room that I love, knotty pine panelling in the kitchen that I'm not too fond of, a gigantic basement with room for a pool table (eventually), old-growth red pines in the yard, and my own bedroom for when I come to stay over for a while. Also a whirlpool in the master bathroom. My mom's really excited; the house is only about 5 miles from her closest friend, and just about that close to one of her brothers.

Of course, now I realize all the stuff I'm going to miss about my house. All our oaks, the view from the second story windows, the wall where my mom marked how tall I was when I was a kid, the very faded grape juice stain on our living room rug from when Katie decided she wanted a purple carpet... I grew up in this house. I lived here for 18 years. Sorta sad to see it go.

In other news, Katie and I went to the Phantom of the Opera yesterday. I don't think I've really cried at a movie in a long time, but I did then. Also, I was interested by the idea of a sympathetic "bad guy".

But now I've got to get off the computer. More later.


Anonymous said...

Eddy here.

Congrats to you and your folks about the house! Is it the same one you posted about a while ago (with a link to pics and whatnot)?

Angel said...

Nope, not the same house. We found some problems with that one, so they went out looking again and found one somewhere else. I might post pictures of it sometime soon. After all the papers get signed, maybe. Don't want to jinx it or anything. :)

Froyd said...


I hope you've seen the stage version of POTO(heeheehee, I was going to type it out, but the acronym is hilarious), because that blows the shirt off the movie.

Angel said...

Unfortunately, I haven't seen the stage musical. But I really want to, some day.

My mom might have an issue with my commandeering her house for parties... so... uh... you'll have to take that up with her. :)