Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A necessary shirking of responsibility

Oof, I'm stuffed. After class today, Alicia "kidnapped" me and took me back to her house. We went off to Goodwill, came back to pick Sara up, went back to Goodwill and got costumes for the two of them, went to Harmony co-op, then Target (where I got me some aquamarine fishnet stockings for 74 cents!--yes, they're for my costume...), dropped Sara off at class, went back to their house for a while, saw Nate off to his bowling league... then Alicia and I decided that Perkins sounded like a good idea for dinner. So we proceeded to spend the next four hours sitting in a booth eating and talking. Nate came in after bowling was over and we got him fed, too. And the waitress gave him free ice cream. :)

So right now I'm feeling pretty good. It's good to have days like this. I haven't been in my room since about 11:30 this morning. I've been having one of those sorta rough times, so distraction is very much welcome. If I don't dwell on my problems, they seem to go away much faster.

Anyway, now homework. I've got reading and writing to do, as usual. Mostly reading.

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a dyke... said...


I tagged you!

Now you have to go to my blog and play the sheep sheep alpaca game!


All because I love you, of course.