Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A case of the blahs

Wow. I did all sorts of cool stuff tonight. But I am just not in the mood to blog at all. I'm really tired. Matter of fact... I'm not in the mood to do much of anything except turn on the TV and fall asleep in front of it. Spring break can NOT come fast enought for me.

Quick rundown of cool stuff: went to see Laura, got dinner for free, talked with Laura and Ben and Nick, went to a one-man show at the campus theater thing with Alicia and Kamran, hung out in the game room with Erin, Kit, Alicia, and Nate, signed my timecard for work, and came home.

I've got money to get tomorrow. No homework (no SERIOUS homework, anyway) due tomorrow. And I'll have the afternoon free before I need to go to work. Things are looking good.

I'm gonna go to sleep early, I think. Might be productive tomorrow. Adieu.

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