Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Doing stuff is good.

I've actually been sorta productive today. I went to bed before midnight last night and woke up at 9 this morning, so I was feeling quite energetic. I did a couple things that needed to be done, including turning in a paper for a course I took an incomplete in last semester, and cleaning my rug. Vacuuming didn't work for the rug, so I had to get down with some duct tape and manually pull all the hair and stuff out of it. But when I was done... nice. It looks far better now. Makes me happy.

So... work tonight. I'm gonna bring lots of homework. I've got a bunch of reading to catch up on, as well as papers to do. Yech. But maybe it will keep the irritating people from standing around and talking to me for a freaking hour about what movies they rented and where they really really wanna work this summer.

By the way, that doesn't apply to my friends. Y'all are welcome to visit me at work anytime. Actually... please do. It might drive away the people I don't like.


Anonymous said...

Do you still have my Vogue Knitting magazine? I'm pretty sure that you borrowed it. I could totally be wrong, though. Please let me know. ~Sara*

Angel said...

I looked, but I don't think I've got it. Sorry. I'll keep an eye out, though, in case I'm wrong.