Thursday, March 17, 2005

False alarm

Well, my planned excursion to Bemidji didn't happen. But for good reason: I didn't get any sleep at all Tuesday night.

Correction: I got an hour and a half of sleep before the carbon monoxide detector in the house went off at about 3:30 AM.

First, you should know that there wasn't ACTUALLY a problem. No carbon monoxide in our house. Just a faulty (very old) detector. However, at 3 AM, I didn't know that. So the parents were called, the fire department was called, and my dad came up bright and early on Wednesday morning to go and get both a new carbon monoxide detector AND a new smoke alarm (cuz when the firemen were at the house confirming that there was no problem, they told me that our smoke detectors were installed in the wrong places in our house, which I relayed to my dad, who put new ones in).

Anyway, I didn't sleep that night. So instead, I slept for the rest of the day. So, no driving.

I was thinking about going today, but I woke up too late for that and besides, I'll be going back tomorrow afternoon, anyway. But for now, I'm quite bored and lonely. So I've been out driving around today, exploring the town a little bit. I am VERY anxious to get back to Bemidji. Very much so. Hope the snow isn't too bad tomorrow.

Well, my time's almost up, so I'm gonna go. Blog again on Friday, probably. Adieu.

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Lightning Girl said...

Welcome to my life. I get this every year when I turn the furnace on in the trailer. Yes. Every morning for a week until the damn dust has been cooked out of the thing. It's a beautiful world.