Monday, March 14, 2005

From the middle of nowhere

Hey there, y'all. So I'm sitting in the Grand Rapids Public Library. Nice place. Really nice. Big and bright and modernized and everything. I've only got the computer for half an hour, so I'll make this brief. Housesitting is going well. The cats woke me up this morning by pulling down the curtains in my bedroom. Evil, evil cats. I've gotten lots of video game time in, as well as some movie-watching. And cable is being installed tomorrow, so I've gotta be home all day for that. Still planning on going to Bemidji for a few hours on Wednesday to see people I know. It'll be cool. Dad's coming back on Friday afternoon, so I should be back for good on Friday night. Which means I can go to Duluth on Saturday! Yay!

I'll try and get to the library sometime again tomorrow, maybe in the afternoon. More blog updates when I've got the time. Adieu.

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