Monday, March 21, 2005

The latest national news story

I got called into work early today. My boss called about an hour before I was scheduled and asked if I could come in as soon as possible. When I asked why, she told me that there had been a shooting in Red Lake and the person I would be working for knew some people there. I told her I'd be there in fifteen minutes. Then I immediately got on the computer and looked up the story on Google. Hadn't even heard about it 'til then. It's a sad, sad situation. Red Lake isn't even very far from here; maybe an hour? Heck, apparently a bunch of the wounded students were taken to the hospital in town. Makes me glad I'm not in high school any more; the whole state's going to be on edge now.

On a side note, I've run into one article calling the shooter a Goth because he listened to Marilyn Manson. I only mention it because I know better. If I remember correctly, the Columbine shooting started a bit of a "witch hunt" on goths; hope nothing similar happens here.

I'm not much of a religious person, but I think it's time to go say my prayers and go to sleep.


Pei said...

If there's one thing I can't stand it's the misleading facts that other people give. Being a "goth" or listening to Manson doesn't do anything to a person. Being taunted, humiliated, and alienated are the problems in todays "teenage" world. Especially now in our society where so much emphasis is based on your physical apperance and ability to conform to "pop" trends.

Lightning Girl said...

On the TV, they mentioned something about him wanting to be a neo-nazi. I think the media attention surrounding things like this are crazy. It's insane. I sware they have no respect for the people this is affecting right now, including the suspects family and community and friends. They are people too, ya know.