Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pain and pleasure in equal measures

[Listening to: Loreena McKennitt, "Dante's Prayer"]

Got me a printer/scanner/copier thing today. It's nice. Now I can print things again!

Also, managed to break a nail playing pool tonight. When I say "break a nail", I mean I split it into the quick. It hurts. Makes it hard to hit the spacebar (right thumbnail, biggest inconvenience ever). Skinned a knuckle, too. Sigh. Ow.

Phil and (reluctantly) Mike dedicated a song to us honorary goths down in the Oak game room tonight. They do that on occasion. This time it was Rammstein's "Amerika". Not usually my style of music, but damn, I love that song.

In related news, it looks like we can move into the apartment before the end of May. Very happy news. And Erin will hopefully be staying up here over summer! Yay!

I'm looking for something deep or soul-searching to say. Guess I'm not in a deep mood. I got more confirmation today that I am a good writer. That makes me happy. I think I've got my artist's statement/apologia basically written for whenever I manage to graduate. I'm damn proud of that essay. Maybe I'll post it (after the next revision).

And now I'm tired and hungry. And I've got some reading I should try to do.

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J*me said...

"We all live in Amerika, coca cola wonderbra"