Monday, March 28, 2005

Ramble rumble grumble

Know what I really wanna do right now? I want to screw around, not do homework, not do writing, not do anything. I want to play videogames. I want to get a massive game of Risk going with a bunch of people and play until we can't keep our eyes open. I want to be a college student without the hassle of classes. That sounds like fun. Mostly, I want to lack responsibility.

None of this is possible. I have to work for six hours tonight, which really isn't all that bad except that the shift is broken up in a stupid way because it's basically replacing this girl who ran out of work-study money, so two of us split her shift up. At least I get more money this way.

One fun thing we did today: to study for the midterm, a few of my friends and I sat at a table in the Union and read A Midsummer Night's Dream out loud. Yeah, that was fun. It's gotta be the best way to study for Shakespeare... right? Can we do that again? Maybe with Hamlet? Or Macbeth? Or the Tempest?

Alright, gotta go to work. Adieu, my friends.

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