Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Why oh why must an iPod cost more than my soon-to-be monthly rent?

I need to find out about financial aid for summer. I should look at getting a summer job. And I should try to do it all without driving myself bloody bonkers.

Also need to write two papers, do portfolios for two classes, work ~20 hours a week, go to class, sleep, pack up my room, move stuff over to the new place, figure out where I'm going to live for the last couple weeks in May, hang out with the friends I've got who are going to be graduating and moving away, hang out with the rest of my friends whom I love dearly, and pass all my finals.

The first couple weeks of May officially suck, except for my birthday, during which I am declaring a 24-hour moratorium on any and all work- and school-related activity.

So there. :-p

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Temporary Display Name said...

Oh, I know... Toys are expensive, and everybody's leaving... Yeah... An iPod costs more than two months worth of rent. Ha. Nice... Psshhtt... Well.. We're almost done... Now it's just time to find some jobs and we'll be alright...