Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Another odd dream

I had a dream last night that I was arrested by the NSA for anti-American activities. I don't know why I was arrested, and I couldn't even figure it out in the dream, though I remember that the government in the dream was much more restrictive and paranoid, and I was afraid of them. But I know that there was someplace I needed to be. In the dream, I killed the guy who was interrogating me by stabbing him in the chest with a pencil, all the while thinking, "This isn't going to work..." but it did.

I can't figure out why my dreams have been so gruesome and violent lately. It's a little disturbing. I know that on one level, they're just dreams, but I wonder if there's something else my subconscious is trying to say about me. I'm not a violent person, or an angry person. Mostly I'm just confused.

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l.jo said...

sounds like dan brown's "deception point".