Monday, April 11, 2005

Back and much less surly now

It's rainy and warm and dark out tonight. I can hear the rain outside my window and it makes me happy. Walking through it tonight was even fun, tho I had to expend much effort to avoid stepping on the long strings of nightcrawlers emerging from the ground to frolick in the rain. 'Tis most certainly spring.

Did I just use the word "frolick"? Yikes...

The previous two posts on here are me complaining via cell phone e-mail about one of the Christian groups on campus. Well... I sorta feel the need to apologize now. After they were done with their weird videos and praying and stuff, one of them came over and gave me a cookie. And I find it nearly impossible to be irritated with people who offer me snacks at work. So... um... yeah. Sorry. Good cookies, by the way.

I spent the majority of my time at work tonight either knitting or reading knitting books. I figured out this afternoon how to knit a cable that looks like a braid, through sheer trial and error. I'm putting it on a pair of armwarmers for myself, made with the expensive but very beautiful yarn I got at the shop in Grand Rapids. It's a soft wool-and-mohair blend in blue and green and coppery-brown jewel tones. Lovely stuff.

I must find a new word for tomorrow, as well as write a poem about... something. Rain is overdone. Maybe worms?

I just remembered that I don't have American Lit. tomorrow. Cool.

I'm very tired right now, which is okay because I can actually sleep for a long time tonight. And I think I will. Adieu.

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