Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Fluff and nonsense

[Listening to: Flogging Molly, "Laura"]

Sometimes a little sleep and a little laugh is all you need. I got the sleep last night (punctuated by nightmares, but sleep nonetheless) and the laughing over the day today. Life is much better now.

I've got nothing but fluff to say tonight, really. I'm happy, a little nervous about tomorrow, a bit tired and in need of a shower. I've got a little work to do today still. Got to prepare for a meeting tomorrow so I can see if I can maybe get a job this fall. Fingers crossed...

Also, I have a presentation to do, which will take almost no prep work for me (yay!). And some reading. I need to work on American Literature.

And finally, I need to fill out my application for financial aid for summer and sign up for classes. This summer I'll be taking at least 3 classes:
Seminar: Lit Crit. & Theory
Writing Poetry in the American Context
Fundamentalism & Modernity

And in fall, 5 classes:
Writing Creative Nonfiction I
Elements of E-Rhetoric
Milton and His Age
Lit Practicum I
Elementary German I

I'm excited. I might add another class over summer; Literature for Young Adults sounds really interesting, and to be honest, I could use the credits. And summer won't be too hectic or anything; might as well use the free time to my advantage.

Anyway, I've got stuff to do. So... um... RUN AWAY!!!!

Ahem. I mean: Adieu.

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