Monday, April 04, 2005

Things turn around

I feel... better. Good. Erin took me out for a walk tonight in the park and then down to the end of Birchmont. I needed that.

Also, I believe that I have figured out exactly how to arrange my class schedule for summer and next fall. They are offering the Seminar: Lit Crit and Theory in the summer, so I'll take it then, which solves two problems: 1) How to schedule classes so things don't overlap, and 2) how to not end up taking 19 credits in the fall. This is excellent. The summer class does start at 7:30 in the morning... but if I take that, plus Writing Poetry in the American Context, I'll be done by early afternoon. And it's only 3 weeks. I can put up with that for three weeks. Maybe I'll take another class during the second session. Philosophy something?

I'm not sleepy. That's my only complaint. I'm tired, sure, but not sleepy.

Katie's still pushing for me to go to Chicago to visit for a weekend. I don't really want to. It's a long and expensive trip, and I've got to pay rent this summer.

I'm out of real groceries. Shopping trip tomorrow! yay...

Time to go. Bye now.


Alicia said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. See? Everything works out just fine!

And if it is only a three week course, rock on! You can handle, especially since you can come home and sleep the rest of the afternoon away. :)

Natasjia said...

There's a special philosophy course being offered second section through the exchange program with Denmark. It's dealing with the fundamental idealogies (and their similarities) on both sides of the Christian/Islam debate. (war). If only I could remember what it's called....
The instructor is originally from the middle east but had to flee and has been living in Denmark and teaching for years now.
It sounds like it'll be amazing.

Angel said...

Is that the fundamentalism and modernity class? It sounds awesome.