Sunday, April 17, 2005

Shoulda known that would happen

Grubbs is drunk. Really really drunk. Passed out on his bed drunk. We've been checking him every fifteen minutes or so. Now I'm up for the next hour or two, until I'm satisfied that he's going to be okay. Very very glad that Froyd brought him home, got him cleaned up, and got him to bed for Abby and me. Also glad that Doug was willing to check up on him for a while so I could get Abby home, and then let me come hang out with them for an hour in between checking on Grubbs.

I'm going to do bad things to the people who kept buying him shots. Very bad things.

To sum up: Big thank you to Froyd for being a good and responsible guy (I owe you dinner or something). Thank you to Abby and Doug for taking care of Grubbs, too. I'm going to check on him again. Maybe I'll blog again a little later tonight; it keeps me awake.


Froyd said...

I don't really deserve it...I should have been more firm about the amount of alcohol they were buying him.

I hope, though, that this will help teach him that moderation is where it's at

Angel said...

You deserve it, at least in part, because if there's one thing I can't deal with, it's puking people. You took care of that part, and I am very, very grateful.

We'll see if he learned his lesson tomorrow.

Also, I saw the guys when they came to check on Grubbs after they finally made it back to the dorms. I managed not to yell at them or anything. It's more restraint than I thought I possessed.