Tuesday, May 17, 2005

From the desk of SweetandSourGoth:

Well, she may be taking a hiatus, but I'm still around. And still temporarily transient, unfortunately. I came back to Bemidji today to drop off a couch at the new apartment and ended up staying to take Erin and Abby around to apply for jobs and pick up applications and such. I'll be applying at Lueken's and JoAnn Fabrics, and anywhere else I can think of in the next few days. Maybe the bank? I dunno.

So now I'm sitting in Erin's room, typing on her laptop. There's people out on the roof right now. They're the other roommates, and some friends of said roommates. They are cheering on the construction crews on either end of the street, doing Mad Libs, and drinking rum and UV vodka. I want to live here.

I probably ought to get going. My parents are expecting me back for dinner. They like my friends and my soon-to-be new apartment. I'm glad. It's been a good day.

Also, I owe Ben something nice for helping us to move the couch up here. I'll think about it.


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Eddy said...

Congrats on the apartment. :)