Wednesday, June 01, 2005

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming

So far so good at the new apartment. I've got a new bed, my desk and computer and all that stuff is set up, we've got furniture and all the necessary electronics and appliances out in the kitchen/living room, and I am slowly moving things up to my new room, a box or two at a time, all of which is put away and organized before I'll bring any more boxes up. Good system, I think.

Right now the room looks a little spartan with just the bed and the desk, and a cardboard box for a bedside table. I still need to get a dresser from my parents' house, and I'll need to get my keyboard from them as well. That will fill the place up rather nicely. A new computer chair would be nice, too, but that'll have to wait until I've got lots of money. And then, of course, I still have lots of posters and such that I need to put up. But for now, this is a nice, comfortable room.

I'm getting a little bit lonely, tho. It's really quiet without the guys here, and Erin's not home yet, either. Yup... quiet...

I'm taking a few summer classes this time around. My ceramics class started yesterday. I"m already really enjoying it, even though it's not something I'm particularly good at. It took me two hours today to figure out how to center the clay on the potter's wheel. I feel like I'm pretty far behind a lot of the other people in the class, mostly because this is the first art class I've taken since 10th grade. But I'm determined, and stubborn, silly bull-headed Taurus that I am.

Still no luck finding a job. I'm going to have to go out again on Friday and start looking for more places that are hiring. I'm a little tiny bit desperate for money. Moreso for saving up than for immediate expenses. But I've got rent to pay for and groceries to buy, as well as classes to go to. Lovely.

Anyway. I'm getting sorta sleepy, but I think I'm going to go watch TV for a while. Good brain-dead sort of activity. Nite, y'all.

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