Monday, June 27, 2005

How exciting!

I'm becoming a master at the handling of crises.

Tonight I took my roommate to the hospital because she was having bad stomach pains. Doctors couldn't figure out what's wrong. No appendicitis, no ulcers, nothing. So they sent her back home and said to come back in if it gets worse. She said she's feeling a little better now.

Last Thursday I was driving through a thunderstorm with a tornado on the way, bringing the kids I was babysitting back from soccer practice. When the sirens started going off I pulled into a restaurant parking lot and herded the kids inside to wait out the storm. When it subsided somewhat, we drove back to their house quickly and hid in the bathroom for about an hour listening to the weather on the radio as the storms went north and south of our town, but missed us almost completely.

Also, on the non-crisis side of my life, I learned how to get to the mall and the waterfront in Duluth this weekend while I was there to attend Alicia and Nate's (beautiful, wonderful) wedding. That dress she was wearing was amazing, and seeing Nate all dressed in white was pretty cool, too. Everyone seemed so happy and excited and loving. They're a good couple. Here's wishing them luck.

That's about all for this update. Three more days left of ceramics class, and then I've got a brief reprieve before I start classes again. Lovely. Maybe I'll be able to use some of that time to blog more? Or do something important, like reading? Yeah, that'd be cool.

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