Monday, July 25, 2005


There are few things in this world that good friends, brownies, and backrubs won't cure.

Speaking of which... I don't get what is wrong with you people (*cough* Froyd *cough*) who don't like backrubs. It feels marvelous! All that tension going away... mmm. I feel about a hundred times better now than I did a few hours ago, with the added bonus that now I feel like I could actually finish the work I need to do and not be incredibly exhausted tomorrow morning. Even just breathing feels better.

Tho I will admit that it does make me feel all blissed-out and drowsy afterwards for about half an hour, during which I am likely to either nod off to sleep or just be a bit loopy. Helluva lot better than getting drunk to relieve tension, I'll tell you that.


Froyd said...

or there's simply hitting things with swords to relieve tension.

Angel said...

That works too. Unfortunately, I have no swords.