Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Beautiful, but no less distant

I saw another shooting star tonight. It was less bright than the fireball I saw last time, but no less beautiful, streaking through the north-eastern sky just before midnight. Astrologers used to say that these sorts of things were some kind of portent of the future (of what, I'm not sure).

Tonight I feel jittery and tense and I can't shake it. I realized as I was sitting watching TV a few minutes ago that my neck and shoulders were as tense as piano strings, and I'm clenching my jaw without even noticing it. I'm making a conscious effort to relax, but we all know how well that usually works. Can't wait until Thursday night, cuz this week has been overly stressful so far. After Thursday night, I can relax and sleep in on Friday and be with my friends over the weekend. Then after that, four more days of classes, and then I can chill out for three weeks before school starts again. I am REALLY going to need this vacation.

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