Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Apparently, my little sister Katie is coming up to stay with me on Saturday night. I miss her lots, so it'll be nice to spend time with her while she's here. I promised her Chinese food at the buffet already. Maybe with other friends, too?

So, my weekend looks like this: leave here tomorrow at 2, get to my parents' house by 3:30, leave there for Big Lake, pick up Katie at the airport, spend Thursday night at a family friend's house, shopping on Friday morning, my cousin's wedding on Friday evening, headed to my parents' house on Saturday morning, driving from there to Bemidji on Saturday afternoon, spending time with Katie up here, sleeping at my house Saturday night, and driving Katie back to the parents' house on Sunday morning so they can drive her down to the Cities to catch a flight back to Chicago. Crazy weekend. So... hoping some people will be up here so I can prove to Katie that my friends are cool. Or, at least, I THINK they're cool. Also tour the campus and the town. Yay!


Froyd said...

sorry to be unable to prove how cool your friends are...I have to fly out to california on saturday.

it makes me sad.

Angel said...

Me, too... considering the difference between your politics and my sister's, you two could have had some wonderful arguments. :)

Froyd said...

we'll save some time straight up, then: she's wrong, and I'm right.