Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The battle rages on

For those of you who haven't been told already, I'm trying to break my addiction to caffiene this week. No caffeinated soda, tea, or coffee until Monday, August 15. So far it's day two, and I'm doing okay (tho I'm craving Pepsi), with the only effect being a mild (so far) headache. I've been drinking lots of water and all-natural ginger ale, which seems to be helping somewhat.

Also, I started crocheting an afghan, which keeps me quite busy. It'll be done in this stitch pattern, in 7-row-wide alternating stripes of rainbow (Mexicana colorway) and black Red Heart acrylic. I've got two and a half stripes done so far. It's pretty. :)

I think it's about time to figure out something for dinner. Leftovers, hot dogs, or pizza? Decisions, decisions....

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