Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dear God, make the stupid people stop.

Apparently, the University of Wisconsin has banned it's Health Services program from distributing birth control and emergency contraception to students. I cannot be the only person who finds this disturbing.

According to the article, the Representative who proposed the ban says that allowing students (read: women) to recieve birth control makes them more likely to be promiscuous. That was proven untrue last time I checked. The only result of this ban is going to be that college students will either be paying more to get birth control off-campus, or there will be a lot more pregnancy and/or occurance of STDs.

Man, this makes me mad. What about cases of rape? They do happen, ya know, and they happen on college campuses. Now that emergency contraception exists, dontcha think that's a perfectly valid reason for it to be used?


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Natasjia said...

Whoa, that's weird. I just finished a post about all this crap -- no the Wisconsin decision specifically but other developments.

You're not the only one disturbed. I'm starting to feel a bit mental.