Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Work? Bah!

I feel somewhat better today than I have in the past few days. I've got my work stuff taken care of, classes are going fairly well (even German, which I'm very nervous about), I've gotten lots of the stuff for Rivers Meeting taken care of, and I think I'm somewhat on top of things now. I was completely burned out last night, but now I'm okay, if not perfect.

So, here I sit at work, chilling out a little bit before getting down to doing important things like homework and typing stuff up for Rivers. I'm a little sleepy, actually. Tried to take a nap up in one of those nice comfy glider-rockers in the Union today, but I had too much stuff going through my head, so it didn't work.

Things are a little bit crazy still. For one, Grubbs came back early, which I really didn't expect, and which makes accomodations for friends a little more complicated. Good thing we've got lots of couches.

I should write something poetic and creative. I keep collecting quotes and things that I've overheard people say, and writing them down because I think they're just a neat use of the language. For instance, in my first class yesterday, the professor said "[...]you made it rain." I want to work with that idea.

And the of course, there are the hilarious things people say. Usually I get these from Simon, because he seems to have an unending supply of them. Here's his gem from last night:

"I wish I was the castration fairy!"

Yeah. That's all I've got.


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Hi Angel! I agree with your work bah title, i hope you had a great summer, and i'm sure i'll see you around!