Thursday, September 15, 2005

Exhausted and sore

Well, the exhaustion, I can account for. I couldn't sleep last night. The soreness... well, I can probably also account for that (sitting hunched over a computer for so long is probably a bad idea), but man does it suck. My neck and shoulders are just ACHING. So, if the opportunity arises, I'm going to go borrow Nick for a few minutes to fix the problem. And then find out which characters are his in WoW. :) Yeah, need to visit the boys tonight. Haven't seen them in a while, and I miss them.

Till then... Well, I'm at work again until 3 in the afternoon, I've got to go visit Dr. Schlemper at 3, and then go to class at 4. Meeting at 5:30, then I'm going home and either passing out, playing WoW, or going out to see the guys. Probably all three, at various points in the evening.

Also, I need to get some cash and/or food. And help the roomies with the dishes and cleaning, cuz we have guests coming for the weekend.


Seth said...
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Seth said...

Sorry I can't help with cleaning or cash, but I can pass on names of Nick and Ben in WoW. I'll drop you an e-mail. As far as the soreness goes, try rearranging your desk space so you aren't hunched over. I'm sure I'll catch you later in some electronic form. Take care of yourself (and the boys; they need supervision).

Angel said...

In order to not be hunched over my own computer, I think I'd need a new desk chair (mine's too tall).

And I did run and see the boys last night. They do surprisingly well for themselves and each other. But I'll continue to keep an eye on them, of course. :)

natalie said...
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