Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Guess I'm not selling that laptop after all...

So just when I thought things were all good at work, they pull a fast one on us. Apparently, they're (MNSCU) going to be taking away our computer because we "don't need it". Yeah... I work here for seven hours on Wednesday night, it's pretty much the only time I've got to do homework, I'm a writing major (which means writing papers... lots of papers) and I don't need a computer? That, my friends, is what's known as BULLSHIT. But according to the rules, we can bring our laptops. So guess what? Yeah. I'm bringing it, plus an ethernet cable (cuz we'll still have the connection here, just not a computer to use it with).

Authority, I blow my nose at you and fart in your general direction! (Man, it feels good to quote Monty Python...)

1 comment:

Froyd said...

just wait until they pull the internet too...and tell you you can't read books at the desk either.

maybe that won't happen here at the college, but they tried to do it at the hospital.

I flummoxed their rules though. Because You can't rule the Froyd.