Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A little leisure

Well, I've got about an hour to kill before I've got to go to class, and I'm sitting down in the library computer lab, just relaxing. The past few weeks have been really crazy so that now, I realize just how nice it is to sit and not have anything to do for a few minutes.

I was thinking about how quickly time passes today. It seems like I only started college a few months ago, when in fact this will be my fourth year. How in the heck did that happen? I can't possibly be that old. Shouldn't I still be in high school?

Stuff like that amazes me, I guess. The subjectivity of time. What seems like forever to one person is no more than a blink of an eye to another (and other cliches). Whatever. I'm sleepy. I should go back to the HUPB desk before class starts again. Maybe in half an hour or so, when the person I need to talk to might be back. In the meantime... checking the e-mail, reading the blogs, screwing around. Just like old times.


Berne said...

I know what you mean. Where does time go??

Froyd said...

the time goes to a....