Monday, October 10, 2005

Current WoW Addict

Yes, that's where I spent most of yesterday afternoon/evening. I was at my computer with a bouncy elf warrior-chick, a human warlock lady with succubus in tow, the bag-lady mage (just kidding, Molly!), and my dear old dwarven paladin chick with some serious dance mojo. And other random and assorted people (male, to balance out the all-female-character thing). We kicked mighty ass on a pirate ship, and squished numerous ogres. And I got to do my first dungeon, and resurrect my first party member (did a few of those, actually...), all while listening to some excellent German rock that Davis let me borrow.

Speaking of which... I was listening to my iPod while walking to work this morning and discovered that Rammstein's "Reise, Reise" makes me want to march in and take over some piddly little country. Perhaps this is what Dubya listens to on a regular basis? :)

Addendum, 10:49 a.m.: And now I'm at work, sitting at the shiny Apple computer I get to use, with my little bag of dry cereal (generic Captain Crunchberries, yum!), a bottle of water, and a story to type up. In an hour, I'll walk home, get some lunch (yay real food!), and then walk back to campus for my German and Milton classes. And then home again, to nap and do homework (and possible more WoW? Please? I'm not addicted, I swear! **twitch twitch**).

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