Monday, October 31, 2005

I miss the weekend.

For the past three nights I've been having crazy vivid dreams--some nightmares, some not. At least they're interesting.

Last night was nice, despite the fact that I would have liked to just stay at my parents' house for the whole week and not DO anything. But I had to come back, so I went over to see Nick and Ben and Simon, brought them the homemade pie my dad sent home with me and shared it with them, and then got involved in playing WoW with Nick and Rachel. Then, since we didn't get to go out to dinner with the others, Nick and I went to Applebees later that night. I like getting together with just him sometimes, because the conversation is always so good. I also got a nice backrub out of the deal that completely untangled the stress knot that's been building for a while around my right shoulder blade. I realized when I got home that after he was done, it didn't hurt at all... wonderful.

But now I'm at work and struggling with writers' block, same as I have been for a while. I can talk about my current life, no problem, but when it comes to putting anything else down on paper, it's a struggle. And worse, when I try to force it out, all that happens is that I get crappy writing. So. It's frustrating as heck.

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Sharon said...

Angel, Use some of those dreams as a 'jump-start' on some writing. Sometimes our sleeping mind can take us places we wouldn't even think of when we are awake.