Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I wish people did stuff when they said they were going to do it.

Nothing for me to do at work at the moment, so I've been getting homework and stuff done instead. And checking my e-mail every five minutes in hopes that the information I requested finally came through. Gah. People...

I've been a little forgetful lately, which is weird for me because I usually have an insanely good memory. Like, seriously... crazy good. So for me to start forgetting things like my timecard and stuff is not only bad for me, but really odd besides. I think my head is broken.

I have a paper to write tonight, and probably about ten packets to go through for practicum class. I'll be at work for five hours. That's enough time, right?

Also, I managed to register for classes this morning. My next semester will include Beginning German II, Freelance Writing, Web Content Writing, Fiction II, and Contemporary Ethnic Women's Fiction. That's sixteen credits. Plus the credits I get for working on Rivers. Yeah... that's gonna be a lot of work.

I hope I'll start feeling better soon.

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