Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Good things for the day


I just finished reading The DaVinci Code. That was... well, that was really good. Surprising for me to like a best-seller. Now I wanna see what else this guy writes.

Also, I found a penny on the ground today on the sidewalk near the Bangsburg parking lot. Not just any penny, tho. It's from Ireland. Okay, so it's actually one pence or something like that. But it's the prettiest coin I've ever seen. There's a harp on one side and a bird with celtic knotwork on the other. Very cool.


Froyd said...

The DaVinci code had some interesting ideas in it...and that's the only props I'm going to give that poorly written, badly paced, peice of garbage. said...

i loved it. i wanted to hate it because everyone else loved it (except froyd apparently)... but... i loved it.

i've read all three of his other books and Angels and Demons is the only one that even touches The DaVinci Code, as far as i'm concerned.

the other two (Digital Fortress and Deception Point) are okay, but not as fun because they are set in the US. part of what makes the other two so fun is the history of these foreign countries, i think.