Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Like a mouse...

Why is there never anyone in the Writer's Hole in the Wall? I'm sitting up here right now, and it's just about the perfect temporary office. Free computer access (an old computer, sure, but not bad for doing simple stuff like typing and e-mail), a nice quiet room, privacy if you want it (you could almost-close the door and it'd be perfect), company if you want it with people walking by all the time... I swear, if I don't start seeing more people up here, I'm gonna take the whole thing over myself and pretend it's MY office. Cuz I've always wanted one, you know.

Also it's stocked with books. I like books. Also, writing magazines and a gigantic 70's style lamp and a boquet of fake flowers. Yeah... It's neat. Stop laughing at me!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Where is the Writer's Hole in the Wall? Never even heard of it before. Is it a well-kept secret?