Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Nothing seems to satisfy

[Listening to: office sounds]

This week, it doesn't seem like anything can make me really happy, or at least, not happy for very long. Nothing seems to appeal to me, and time goes by too quickly for me to do anything but watch the blur.

I finished knitting a baby hat last night for my cousin's new adopted son. He's a cutie if I ever saw one, and not even a month old yet. The hat is made out of Lion Brand Microfiber yarn in a beautiful royal blue color. I think I might embroider his name on there in golden yellow, but that would entail my learning how to embroider in the first place. It can't be that hard, right?

Also, if people don't start answering my calls soon, I'm going to get downright frustrated.

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Sharon said...

Angel, What a good cousin you are! The new mother will absolutely treasure your hand-crafted gift! I know...I saved all our kids hand-made gifts! I'm sure you could teach yourself how to embroider. If you need help, though, I know how.