Thursday, October 20, 2005

Old cheddar, but not moldy

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So I'm an occasional reader of this little meme thingie called Cheddar X. They've got question things for bloggers to answer. Without further ado, the 7x7 Cheddar X:

7 things you plan to do before you die: Go to Italy and Ireland, get a book of poems published, get a cat, read every book on my reading list, fall in love, learn to play the tin whistle (well), and get my doctorate in English

7 things you can do: knit and crochet, write poetry, make fajitas, type over 50 words per minute, play the piano, design a simple webpage, swear in French and German

7 things you cannot do: swim (funny that I live in Minnesota), fix a car, figure out my life, speak Japanese, go to bed at a decent hour, draw, fly an airplane

7 things you never thought you'd do: go to a live Rocky Horror performance, work as a receptionist, get a job writing, become an English major, love life, have tons of friends, stop going to church

7 things that attract you to other people: expressive eyes, self-confidence, honesty, intelligence, kindness, beautiful hands, a good sense of humor

7 things that you say most often: indeed; yup-yup; what-what?; sleepy...; How're you?; ok; well, then

7 celebrity crushes: Yikes... they're all so much older than me... Johnny Depp, Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, John Corbett, Keanu Reeves (dumb but pretty), Sean Maher (the guy who plays Simon in Serenity and the Firefly series)

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Sharon said...

I knew we had something else in common, I have a crush on Patrick Stewart, too!!!