Friday, November 18, 2005

Flu shots and other completed projects

Flu shot? Done.

First submission for Rivers? Recieved.

Me? Somewhat sleepy, and overjoyed for the weekend coming up.

You? I dunno... how are the rest of you, anyway?

So I blogged once from work today (where, by the way, I got NOTHING done because I still need people to get back to me with information), and now I'm blogging from the Hole in the Wall again, because I'm bored and between classes and waiting for the inactivated flu viruses to creep their way from my left shoulder into my immune system and make it say "AAAH! FLU MUST DIE!" My shoulder always gets a bit sore for a day or two after they stick the needle into it, but hey, it means I won't get the flu.

They gave me a sucker at the doctor's office after I got my shot. I told the nurse it had been years since they gave me candy for going to the doctor's. I still miss those lime-flavored Saf-T-Pops--you know, the ones with handles made out of what was essentially starched string so you couldn't poke yourself/your siblings with them and put someone's eye out. I loved those... simple candy, all full of sugar and artificial fruit (grape, cherry, orange, lemon, and lime) flavoring.

But I got a chocolate Dum Dum sucker this time. Hehehe...

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Sharon said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, physically and mentally. Life is good!