Monday, November 21, 2005

Things to remember for today

Today, I have a doctor's appointment, to see if the pills I'm on are working (which I think they are) and to talk about some of the side effects I've been having (slightly weird sleep patterns and short-term memory issues, as well as occasional migraine-type headaches). At the moment, I feel like the benefits of the pills outweigh the bad stuff by a huge margin, but it's still something I want to talk to the doctor about.

In the meantime, I'm waiting for a call about a bunch of stories I've been working on at work. It's the same set I've been working on for about three weeks. They're close to done, but I just need that last little bit of information to fill in the gaps, and it's really hard to get in touch with anyone who knows anything about what I need to know.

Lots of work to get done tonight, including papers, a test in German to study for, and a project to finish for E-Rhetoric. Blah. Thank god it's almost Thanksgiving, when I will have a large amount of time to just chill out and catch up on things. I badly need a long break and some good home cooking.

Back to waiting for the phone to ring... sigh...

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Sharon said...

So glad you're seeing the dr. Any new medication needs to be monitored carefully. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break! Relax!!!!