Monday, November 07, 2005

inhale exhale

Note to self:
Remember, deep breaths, calm down, you will survive. Just focus on one thing at a time. Food first--spaghetti is good for you, and will be done soon.

It's been a down day. I need to remind myself that life goes on.

My room is clean now, after spending much of yesterday and a couple hours today cleaning it. Everything is organized and put in the right spot, and there's no gigantic computer box or duffle bag full of clean clothes in the middle of my floor anymore. My headboard is more or less attached to my bed (tho I need another hex nut to secure it). One bill is paid, and the other isn't due until next Wednesday. Rent is paid. Dinner is being made. Now, I can focus on homework. Yes... homework. After dinner and a quick trip out to shop, I can lock myself in my room and do things that I actually need to do.

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