Thursday, December 29, 2005

Didn't think I'd be back, did ya?

Hope you all had a good Christmas--I know I did. Lots of family, lots of good food, lots of nifty presents. My sister came up and spent some time in Bemidji with me, which is always nice. Still wants me to go down to Chicago, tho... I'm not a city girl.

So I've been home for approximately 24 hours now and have gotten only about a quarter of the things that I wanted to do done. I put away my clothes and most of my presents, and I went grocery shopping. Still on the list of things to do: cleaning the ENTIRE apartment (not a big task, considering the size of the apartment, but still), some knitting, some writing, some figuring out what I'm going to be doing school-wise for the next year and a half. And some baking, I think. I want to make bread.

And now, to eat dinner.

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Sharon said...

Welcome back!!! Hope you had a good holiday. I thought you'd be gone longer, but glad you are back to blogging. If you want a good recipe for home-made bread, I have the BEST ONE!