Saturday, December 17, 2005

Your Song

I just went to Target to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. They have candles that I am absolutely in love with: black ginger scented candles. I can't afford one for myself right at this moment, but man... I'm gonna get me one of those when I get my next paycheck.

I was thinking as I drove home about how I have specific songs that remind me of specific people in my life. Maybe "remind" isn't a strong enough sentiment. These are songs that immediately form an image in my head of the first time I heard them, and the people I heard them with, and the person in specific that was there and that I associate them with. So I started making a list, which I will reproduce here, including the person for each song.

Seth: "Cells" by The Servant
Nick: "Epiphany" by Staind
Ben: "House of the Rising Sun" (can't remember who wrote it, but I know Bob Dylan did a version that I like)
Grubbs: "If I Had $1,000,000" by The Barenaked Ladies
Erin: "In The Air Tonight" cover by Nonpoint
Phil: "Amerika" by Rammstein
Simon: (hard to pick just one here) "The Lady of Shallot" by Loreena McKennitt
Davis: "Vater Unser" by E Nomine
Richard: "Round Here" by Counting Crows
Kvale: "Farewell Angelina" by Bob Dylan

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can think of right now.


L.P. said...

I've always thought of myself as more of a "kero-chan no teema" from Card Captor Sakura kind of guy... But "the Lady of Shallot" is good too.

Sweetandsourgoth said...

Awww... That's very thoughtful of you.... You will always be "Hey Jude" for me...

Sweetandsourgoth said...

P.S. The Animals

And P.S.S. Doesn't Phil's song always remind you of Nate and Alicia, too?

Angel said...

The Animals! Yes! I knew it was something like that...

And yes, it does.

Angel said...

Hold it a sec.... I'm "Hey Jude"?

Nifty. :)