Monday, January 16, 2006

Bla bla bla... excuses

As Froyd pointed out, it's been a while since I blogged last. Lots of good reasons for that, of course, most importantly the fact that school has started up again and I'm REALLY REALLY BUSY. 16 credits, plus working 16 hours/week, plus homework, plus Rivers, plus making time to hang out with real live people, and my two main hobbies (reading and knitting), all of this takes up a lot of my time. So, blog posts are probably going to be a little sporadic for a while, until I settle back down into a recognizable schedule.

Until then... I'll try and find a way to keep all y'all entertained. Maybe I'll post a couple of profile portraits that I've been working on (now that I've discovered that I really DO have some latent artistic talent). We'll see.


Sharon said...

SO glad to hear from you again. Hope you're not going to be TOO busy this semester. Leave some time for fun, too!

Sharon said...

By the way, I just successfully put links in my sidebar!!!! I feel so accomplished!

Angel said...