Monday, January 30, 2006

The voices in my head say....

Oh my god I'm going to scream. No more drama! NO MORE FUCKING DRAMA! EVERYONE JUST FUCKING GET ALONG!!!

Sigh... Sorry, I know... bad language and all that. But I've been screaming that in my head tonight, so I might as well let it out and get it done with.

I'm lonely and bored and i've been working pretty much all day on various projects that I'm not terribly interested in doing, yet they need to get done. I need to do something mindless. And now I'm stressed on top of it. And I feel kind of rotten because I'm being all overly needy and clingy again, though I'm trying very hard not to let it affect anyone else. Instead I'm trying to get some work done. I've been working on my how-to for my web content class. It's looking pretty good so far. See: How To Knit Super-Easy Armwarmers. I still need to put some links in and finish the knitting so that I can get the last of the photos. And I need to finish it by Thursday. Sigh. And of course, this is the last thing that I feel like doing right now. All my friends are either busy or in bad moods. I know that this too shall pass, but man... I feel kinda rotten right now.

I need to take a break, I think. Like I said, do something mindless. Video games or something. And then get back to work (of course).

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Sharon said...

Hang in there, Angel... things WILL get better!